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"This is an opportunity for us to transform sales and customer outreach by integrating OneMob…giving business users another crucial tool to produce a memorable and more personal sales experience.”

Rowan Trollope, SVP and GM of CTG

"We understand the superior value of video, over text and images, in driving engagement with both prospective and existing client companies and candidates. Using OneMob has allowed us to seamlessly integrate video into our communications while tracking its metrics and success within Salesforce. OneMob is so easy to use - enabling our recruiters to quickly create personalized messages that resonate - resulting in higher email open rates, more positive responses, and ultimately, more business.

Amy King, SVP Marketing
Premier Staffing

"Our global sales team uses OneMob to enhance communications with both prospects and customers. It creates a personalized and unique touch point that stands above all the other noise in someone’s email inbox, and helps us to build and solidify relationships, resulting in more business. I also use it internally to inspire my team by recognizing outstanding sales performers or to communicate key announcements. I am amazed at the high level of engagement I see after each OneMob video that I send."

Brian Ludwig, SVP of Sales

“From a services standpoint, OneMob is an excellent way to communicate a visual message and story! My clients have responded with great appreciation to the personal and original videos. My OneMobs absolutely elevate and strengthen the connection my clients feel toward the Kings organization and journey.”

Leena Riggs, Account Manager
Sacramento Kings

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